Let me start by thanking all of you for the tremendous support you’ve already shown for My Gun Trader. We have seen our largest increase in both registered users and website visits during a single week. Our registered grew by more than 100% and our daily website traffic is up more than 630%. We are happy to see others as excited about our venture as we are. Knowing that Midwest Gun Trader was on life support and that it was only a matter of time before the site went away, we decided to start My Gun Trader to fill the impending vacuum. The first couple of months proved to be challenging because we’re not allowed to advertise through normal channels. However, the past month, and the past week in particular, have proven that we’re on the right track. We’re currently offering free ad submissions for all registered users through coupon code 100OFF. We have received some negative feedback from some potential and existing users in that they don’t believe they should have to pay to use the site. After explaining to them that the site itself is 100% free to register and use, and the only time any type of fee is incurred is when you actually post an ad. We further explained that we wanted a site that was free from a lot of the problems that plagued Midwest Gun Trader, so we decided to simply charge $1 for users to post an ad. This would not only help keep scammers from posting fake ads, but would also keep site sponsors from over posting on the site and pushing individual users’ ads to the bottom of the list, which was the number one complaint on Midwest Gun Trader. Once again, let us say a big Thank You for all your support. We look forward to serving the online gun trader community for years to come.


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