Is Midwest Gun Trader truly gone?  Well, the site has been down for several days, but only the site administrator can truly answer that question.  However, with issues such as the email system being inoperable for more than a year, and recent months being plagued with the inability to post pictures, ads and create new user accounts, the site’s demise should not surprise anyone.  While we have been avid supporters of Midwest Gun Trader for decades, we could see the writing on the wall and launched a modern replacement to the website called My Gun Trader.  My Gun Trader was designed to not only be a modern and dynamic place for firearms enthusiasts to find, buy, sell and trade all things firearms, but was also designed to eliminate the issue of the site being overrun by sponsors.  My Gun Trader is off to a phenomenal start and we’re excited about the growing number of users creating accounts and frequenting the site on a daily basis. We hope you’ll join our new venture and become a part of our new online gun trading community.


  • Christopher Thomas

    I’m not sure what to make of Midwest Gun Trader no longer being active. It’s been 4 weeks now and it doesn’t look as if they’ll be back. While the site had some issues, it genuinely served residents of Missouri well and was great for making acquaintances with fellow enthusiasts in your area. If they are truly gone, I sincerely hope that My Gun Trader fills the void left by their departure

  • Kenneth Smith Tactical

    Our goal is to fill the void left by Midwest Gun Trader’s departure. We have seen an 881% increase in site traffic over the past 30 days and subscribership is up over 100% and growing rapidly each and every day.

  • shanem

    Wow I really hope their not gone. Women do online browsing for clothes and shopping I do midwest for guntrading and browsing for ammo and gun deals or just window shopping. I have met alot of nice people through their website and done alot of deals through them. If they are gone they will be truly missed. Ps apart of my soul went missing when midwest went down 😆

  • Bill Williams

    I assume this is site is run by ATF? It’s like shopping in a Soviet era store.

    • Kenneth Smith Tactical

      I’m not sure if your comment was meant as a dig on the site itself or on your fellow My Gun Trader users. This is a free and open marketplace to sell all things firearms-related. Feel free to list more modern-era firearms if you feel there are too many “Soviet-era” firearms listed on the site by other users.

  • Daniel Yates

    The format is different, it may just take some getting used to. Thanks for filling the void.

  • Fishpuppie

    Hey! As long at this site is maintained and we all treat it as a privilage (not a craiglist) I thinks it’s fantastic! Kind of like hanging out at the local bar….swapping and tradeing guy stuff.

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