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My Gun Trader is a law enforcement and military veteran-owned business created to give freedom-loving patriots, who have an affinity for all things firearms, a free and open marketplace to buy, sell and trade. Most online gun classified platforms allow free basic ads for individual users but then support their classifieds by selling business, vendor or premium accounts to users who flood the classified ads with their products. Those platforms also leave themselves vulnerable to users over-posting as well as scammers who are always searching for their next victim. Another recurring model is to charge monthly membership fees to join the website platform. This allows users to post ads and acquire seller contact information but obviously does not create a free and open marketplace.

My Gun Trader’s model is simple. It will always be free to create a user account to use the marketplace. Upon creating an account, reCAPTCHA verifies that the registrant is human. The user must then verify their email which will alleviate most spamming on the website. What is more, only registered users will have access to buyer and seller contact information. While My Gun Trader’s platform can’t circumvent all fraud, this stops the continuous barrage of scammers from contacting sellers as they do on other classified platforms. My Gun Trader also allows policing of the website through peer-to-peer access. Any ad or user deemed to be a scam, or who does not follow the website’s Terms & Conditions, may be flagged and removed by his or her peers.

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