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3. No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated.  This website automatically checks for offensive language.  Any use of offensive or inappropriate language will put your ad at risk of removal without warning or refund.

4. No racist, sexist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated.  That includes attachments and messaging platforms.

5. No ad promoting activities that would be illegal under the laws of the state or province, or the country where this web site is hosted shall be allowed.  Similarly, no ad promoting activities that would be illegal under the laws of the state or province, or the country where the person posting the ad shall be allowed.

6. Any ad that appears to be merely a test, joke, or otherwise insincere is subject to immediate removal.

7. You may not insert links to third-party websites in the description of your submitted ads. The exception to that, of course, would be a link to the manufacturer’s website (e.g. Your ad is for a Colt 1911 handgun so you may add a link to Colt’s 1911 product page).

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11. All full-auto or select-fire type firearms must be pre-86 or properly registered and transferred.  All NFA rules apply.

12. No destructive devices. Your account will be deleted. (This does not include legal explosive targets such as Tannerite®.)

13. You may post non-firearm ads in the appropriate categories.

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18. My Gun Trader will not issue refunds or credits for ads which violate this agreement.  My Gun Trader will not issue refunds or credits for cancelled ads.  Please contact for additional questions related to refunds or credits.

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Forum Rules

Code of Conduct

This forum was established to create a fun environment for all My Gun Trader users and to create as much freedom as possible in regard to posting. However, there are some rules that we must uphold, and the means by which they are upheld are at the sole discretion of the administrator and moderating staff. Since My Gun Trader is our website, we reserve the exclusive right to ban or punish anyone for anything, without warning. 

Respect Other Posters 

It’s common for topics to get heated, but we will not tolerate belligerent posts.  If you feel that a thread has exceeded its limit, please report the thread to the moderating staff. We are all gun enthusiasts, and are therefore all playing on the same team. 

* No threats of any kind allowed. * Keep the family of others out of your arguments. * No racial or religious comments. * If you want to just insult people go somewhere else. 


Advocating, explicitly or by example, breaking specific firearms-related laws is forbidden. It makes the forum look bad. There’s a middle ground between advocating resistance to unjust legislation or statutes, which is allowed and encouraged, and outright bragging about lawlessness. In that middle ground, the staff will be forced to make judgement calls. Feel free to message a staffer before posting if you are questioning the legality of a potential post. Commercial Posting Posting on behalf of, or as a company or individual with the intent of making a profit, is considered commercial posting and is not allowed unless you are a site sponsor. Those of you that would like to become a site sponsor visit the Site Sponsorship page for details. 


This isn’t a church, school, or your mother’s house, but we do expect some civility out of our posters. Try to limit the usage of cuss words and swearing. If it gets out of hand, we will ask you to stop. A Note About Censorship: No private citizen is capable of “censoring” anyone. A forum owner who rejects a member’s post is fully within their free-speech rights to shape their forum however they like, through the approval of some submitted content and the rejection of other submitted content. Censorship happens when a person is denied the ability to self-publish. Posting to a public forum that you do not own is not self-publishing. It the same thing as submitting a letter to the editor of a newspaper, which is not self-publishing. If a newspaper declines to publish a letter to the editor, that is not “censorship.” It is the editor’s right. The person who wrote that letter has the ability to publish it by other means, first and foremost by starting their own newspaper. This same principle is applied to online forums. A member is not “censored” online unless they are denied the ability to publish their own site, blog, forum, whatever it may be, and no private citizen can stop them from doing that. Every citizen in the United States has the right to freedom of speech, but that right does not go to the extent of forcing some forum owner to carry it on their forums or servers. The rights of one person end where the rights of another person begin. If you agree that a forum owner can reject a submitted post, for whatever reason, then you are supporting the forum owner’s freedom of speech. Censorship has nothing to do with it because the person whose post was rejected has not been denied the right to self-publish. 

On or Off-Topic 

We aren’t going to enforce any stringent on/off-topic rules. So long as the thread is progressing and people are getting the information they need, we don’t mind if it ends up in left field. 

Pornographic or Extremely Graphic Material 

We simply do not allow pornographic material, and extremely graphic material will be at the discretion of the moderating staff. Since we deal with a potentially violent subject matter, there will be a time and a place for graphic material. 

Copyrighted Material 

Copyright violations:Cutting and pasting any external article content is not permitted. If you care about My Gun Trader, please don’t do it. We can’t afford to get shut down over a needless lawsuit, and legal firms are getting more aggressive about coming after site owners. So when you want to reference an article, you may post: 1) A link to the article. 2) The title of the article. 3) A brief summation in your own words of the article. 4) While quoting the first sentence of the article is probably reasonable under the doctrine of Fair Use, the practice should be avoided. Threads that violate this policy will be deleted without notice. Multiple infractions may result in a permanent ban. 


This forum is based in and provided for members residing within the United States. Posts and threads will be conducted in English. If you cannot speak English, then Google offers a free translator. 

Multiple Accounts (Alter-Egos) 

The usage of alter egos and multiple accounts is not allowed. We want everyone to stick to a single account, and the usage of alter egos to troll the forum is not allowed. Usage of alter egos for your business, provided you are a site sponsor, is allowed. 


Discussions on religion are not allowed because they tend to derail threads. All threads concerning religion will be blocked and/or deleted. 

Excessive Thread Creation 

Creating an excessive number of threads or threads that lack substance makes it difficult for members to find information and track more useful threads. If a thread already exists on a topic do not create another covering virtually the same topic. If the thread consists nothing more than a random off-topic thought, it is probably not worthy of its own thread. These threads may be blocked or deleted, and members guilty of starting such disruptive threads will be removed at My Gun Trader’s discretion.

Commercial Posting & Advertising

Posting on behalf of, or as a company or individual with the intent of making a profit off of the forum is considered commercial posting, and is not allowed unless you are a site sponsor.  This includes using your business name as your username and placing info in your signature. 

Site Sponsorship 

We offer an inexpensive way to become a site sponsor and advertise your business on My Gun Trader.  Please visit our Site Sponsorship page for additional details.

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