When we started My Gun Trader, our goal was to consistently have 10,000 unique site visitors each month, which was the volume Midwest Gun Trader boasted throughout their tenure.  After six months online, we are happy to report that we surpassed our goal in July with 10,469 unique site visitors.  Our registered users continue to grow each and every day, and the emails we continue to receive from users praising the site and thanking us for filling the vacuum created by Midwest Gun Trader have been overwhelming.   As we said in our last post, the first couple of months proved to be challenging because we were not allowed to advertise through normal channels. However, thanks to your support we have grown month over month and have now surpassed our goal.  We want to thank site sponsors Target Time Defense, Gun Show Trader, and Kenneth Smith Tactical for their loyal support.  Please visit their websites as well to show your support as they financially support My Gun Trader.  While the negative feedback has become extremely minimal, we still periodically receive some from potential and existing users who don’t believe they should have to pay to use My Gun Trader.  After explaining to them that the site itself is 100% free to register and user, and that the only time any type of fee is incurred is when they post an ad, they understand and typically agree.  We further explain that we wanted a site that was free from a lot of the problems that plagued Midwest Gun Trader, so we decided to simply charge $1 for users to post an ad. This would not only help keep scammers from posting fake ads, but would also keep site sponsors from over posting on the site and pushing individual users’ ads to the bottom of the list, which was the number one complaint on Midwest Gun Trader. Again, thank you all for your support! We look forward to serving the online gun trader community for years to come.


  • Daniel Yates

    It seems this site is struggling to move forward and fill the void left by MWGT. I would suggest posting fliers or having a table at the local shows. After several months there are only about 20 unique ads on the Kansas side.

    • My Gun Trader

      My Gun Trader has surpassed the number of registered users as well as the amount of website traffic published by MWGT. We are ranked #1 in the search engines as well. Our ad count is currently not as high as we’d like, but our site is not overrun with the over-posting issues experienced on the old MWGT site. At the request of many users, we also launched an online My Gun Trader Forum this week as well.

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