As part of the site upgrade to the new marketplace platform, we decided to make all Simple Ads free to post. This was something we initially avoided because charging $1 to post an ad kept 99% of all scams away from the site. However, after multiple requests to make ads free for users, as well as grow the number of active ads on the site, we decided to move forward with making Simple Ads free. Featured Ads still remain $5 but run for 90 days instead of 30 days, and will always be featured at the top of each page which produces much more visibility for your ad. Since lifting the $1 charge for Simple Ads just a few weeks ago, our site has seen a sharp increase in fraudulent ads attempting to scam My Gun Trader users. To combat that, we are now requiring users to complete their profile prior to posting an ad. As long as you’re only a registered user, you only need to verify your email address, which will still provide you access to the secure messaging system. But once you attempt to submit an ad, you will be required to complete your user profile in order to proceed. We sincerely hope this added step does turn away users because we do not or will not ever sell your contact information to anyone. It is simply a step that will help us eliminate fraudulent ads moving forward. As always, thank you for your support and God Bless!


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