Since the demise of Midwest Gun Trader nearly a year ago, My Gun Trader has established itself as the premiere firearms marketplace.  We set out with an initial goal of reaching 10,000 unique site visitors each and every month, which was the traffic reported by Midwest Gun Trader, but have surpassed that and are now approaching 15,000 site visitors with nearly 2,000 registered users.  Due to the large increases in website traffic, we found ourselves needing to upgrade our server space.  All of this is due to your support and we would like to say, “Thank you!”  We would also like to thank our site sponsors Target Time Defense, Gun Show Trader, and Kenneth Smith Tactical for their continued support.  As part of our unprecedented growth, we have outgrown our current marketplace platform.  As most of you are aware, we had a recent site overhaul to deal with the growth, but the created some scripting issues with various aspects of our site.  These issues have led us to a decision to move to a new marketplace platform.  The new platform will look and operate much the same way as My Gun Trader currently operates on the front end, but will do so much faster and cleaner.  Many users have also requested the ability to make their phone number visible to non-registered users as well, so we added that ability.  However, we kept the secure messaging system in place for those who wish to keep their contact information private from non-registered users. 

Additionally, we have decided to change our ad submission process to accommodate more ads.  We will no longer be charging $1 for Simple Ads.  After the site upgrade, all Simple Ads will be free for registered users.  Featured Ads will still cost $5, but will now always be displayed first above all Simple Ads.  Unfortunately, while user accounts will be unaffected by the site upgrade, all current posted ads will not repost on the new platform because the old scripts were generated in a different way.  So, every user will have to repost their existing ads.  Users that have an active Featured Ad will be receiving a coupon code to repost their Featured Ad free of charge.  We will also need to take the website down for approximately an hour to accomplish the upgrade.  We realize this is a major inconvenience, but will do this during an off-peak time.  If it were not necessary, we simply wouldn’t do it, but this is a good problem to have and we truly believe you will enjoy the new platform.  Thanks again for your continued support of My Gun Trader!


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