Ruger Mini 14

Ruger Mini 14 Ruger Mini 14 Ruger Mini 14 Ruger Mini 14 Ruger Mini 14
Type of Gun: Rifle
Type of Ad: Sell
Price Type: Fixed
Condition: Used
Location: Missouri
City: Blue Springs
For Sale By: Private Seller

Ruger Mini14…..I got this in a trade a few years ago. I’ve never fired it and have two others so probably never will. I’m in process of getting rid of years of accumulated “Things” as I’ve been a estate sale, business auction junkie…That said I don’t have any pressing need to sell anything so, nope….I won’t take 200 bucks and a partial pack of wet wipes. The ONLY trades I MIGHT be interested in would be a quality lever gun in 38/357. Comes as you see it no mags. or optics other than the fixed sights as shown.

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